Are you an established bass artist searching for the expression means that will drive you beyond your “known best” ?

A busy freelancer, frequently flying and moving around crowded cities?

Or maybe a studying bassist seeking an instrument to maximise your results and make the learning process a blast?

Give us a call. We will take all the time and focus to answer your questions, ask you questions and exchange thoughts until your vision will be totally clear.


Should your sound be on the round, warm and punchy side, or rather bright, defined, quick-responsive? Perhaps you have heard your ideal sound from one of our videos already? Or you have a specific timbre and character in mind, maybe from a particular bassist that you want to keep as reference? Let's discuss it from top to bottom, and once the tone aspect is clarified, we will talk about the aesthetics. It may as well take a few Skype calls – but once we have it all clear we will be ready to produce the bass that will connect, resonate with you and impact your musical time in a special, major way.


"From the moment I strapped it on and played the first few notes, it felt like the bass I was supposed to play. It took me less than one year to order my second Wood&Tronics." Ole Lytjohan, Copenhagen, DENMARK

- "The bass has so much versatility, three weeks after receiving it out of so many great tones I still can't decide which one I like best... It's a beast!" GarryTucker - Moseley, VIRGINIA

- "It's the flair, that something stylish that I can't define and makes me look at it and say 'Wow, it's mine!!' " Leonardo De Santi - Trapani, ITALY

- "Before owning a Wood&Tronics, often in recording studios and stages they asked me to play Fender basses. Now when they hear the sound of my Chronos everybody shuts up and listen." Alessandro Leonzini - Trieste, ITALY

- "It feels like I played this for a lifetime". Edward Ellul, MALTA

- "Sounds like singing". Damianos Kosmas Roussos – Rotterdam, THE NETHERLANDS

- "Since I received my Chronos two weeks ago it's been about discovering a price-quality ratio that I just didn't know could exist". Liam Cohl – Toronto, CANADA

This is the kind of feedback that we live up to, and stay reassured, it is the same that we seek to receive from you.