To us, "model" means "body shape" more than anything else. This is because everything is interchangeable: if, for instance, you like the Chronos body style but you like the woods and/or sound of a certain Zoid or other model, no problem.

None the less, we have a few pre-defined designs, or "tone packages", distillations of our experience in tone shaping which we recommend considering. We refer to these as our "Landmark" models, and by watching our videos you will get an idea of these configurations.

The feel and the style. Based on proportions and weight distribution to easily stand consecutive hours of playing, our shapes are styled through a life of passion for the fine arts, science fiction and Vintage product design; never predictable, nor extravagant, making your presence on stage unique yet never loud or tacky.

Each one feels in its own, peculiar way while access to the highest fret is always easy and weight is always as light as it can get in relation to the needed materials to achieve a specific tone character.