A compelling choice of tone characters. By watching our videos you will get a good idea of the Wood&Tronics sonic palette, from which you can pick your favorite sound directly or keep one as reference for your custom project. And if you already a precise type of tone in mind and you want to speak to us about it, we will study that tone, refer to your bass players of reference if you have any, assess what it takes to achieve it and then proceed designing your bass.

staff wood&tronics Luthier Erick Furlan

A degree of dynamic reactiveness that will highlight your playing nuances to the subtlest, no matter how close to the neck you like to set up the strings.

Neck fluency Inspired by the “J”-style 1960s neck shape, commonly known as "oval" (or "C-shaped), and revised with a slightly flatter radius and our own touch to the section for fluent, effortless playability. Regardless of their technical level, physical features or musical prowess, the bassists who get the chance to put hands on a bass of ours almost never request a custom neck shape or measurements - it just feels like everything you reach for is just waiting for you.

Cutting through the sound mix is not about pumped up pickups that saturate tone. It is achieved through a dynamic whole of coordinated elements creating the presence, definition and transparency that will keep you audible even through a loud and cramped jam session.

Unmatched versatilty. The idea of flexibility of tone, or versatility, is much more important than just being able to navigate a multitude of musical contexts: different types of tone character elicit different phrasing and ideas, thus the more sounds you have at hand, the broader your expression range will be.

Hear the history about the Variable Pickups Postioning system and see why it represents the ultimate incarnation of bass tone flexibility:

Definitive version for the VPP System LAYOUT:

The feel and the style. Based on proportions and weight distribution to easily stand consecutive hours of playing, our shapes' style comes from a life of passion for the fine arts, science fiction and Vintage product design; never predictable, nor merely extravagant, making your presence on stage unique yet never loud or tacky.

Each one feels in its own, peculiar way while access to the highest fret is always easy and weight is always as light as it can get in relation to the needed materials to achieve a specific tone character.


To us, "model" means "body shape" more than anything else. This is because everything is interchangeable. For instance, if you like the Chronos body style but you like the woods, or the sound of a certain Zoid or other model, we will design your bass that way without a problem.

None the less, we have a few pre-defined designs, or "tone packages", distillations of our experience in tone shaping, which we recommend considering. By watching our videos you will get an idea of these, which are actually "landmark" configurations from our production.


When you will call us, no anonymous or unexpert employee will answer – I will, ready to listen and discuss all the way to complete understanding of your vision and purposes.

Wether you feel for fancy woods and rich details, or for a pre-defined configuration seen in our website and/or videos, our purpose is the same: providing you the inspiration-maker that will connect, resonate with you and make your playing time a blast.

A customer report we especially loved went like this: "The moment I first strapped it up and played a few notes, it felt like this is the bass I am supposed to play."

This is the type of feedback we live up to, and we aim at getting it from you as well.

- See our ORDER&SERVICE page to know about how we will work with you to create your ultimate personal instrument.


Growing up in the artistic beauty of the Veneto region in Italy, my partner Erik and I soon realised that the artist lives in eternity through his creations. Driven by such idea, bass playing and bass building became our high purposes, the way to relate to our ancestors, the great historical blenders of function and aesthetics.

In 1983, as a teen ager in the Golden Era of bass guitar, with Bernard Edwards, Jaco, Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke, Mark King, Jimmy Johnson and Victor Bailey rocking the world, I decided I had to play bass and to the absolute best of my capabilities. I wanted an instrument capable of taking me there as quickly as possible while making me enjoy the process, but I had no money for it.

Once I started to travel and look around, that supreme bass seemed to only exist in my mind – something was always missing either in the tone, the feel or the looks.

During 1995 in New York City my friend Matthew Garrison introduced me to Fodera Guitars and their remarkable bass work. From then to the early 2000s I collaborated with the company as Fodera's “Italian ambassador", and in those years between Italy and New York I built up my own vision which in 2006 started turning into reality.

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